• Derek Partridge


Derek Partridge grew up in an English country home with several Siamese and other breeds of cats. He also had three cocker spaniels and, in his teens, he added guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, ferrets and rabbits.

Both he and his parents were surprised to learn that he was a gifted child, according to Margaret Branch, author of “Gifted Children.” Derek attended the Universities of Paris and Barcelona and later became an officer in the Royal Air Force, a City of London Special Constable, the CEO of several companies, such as Conservation Tools & Technology and the Cinema Translation Center in Rome, a consultant to Alfred Nobel’s Nitro Nobel and, Winchester UK. In Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) he was RTV’s chief news anchor and talk show host and was nicknamed RPC: Rhodesia’s Premier Celebrity. He also trained Rhodesian SWAT Teams. All this makes Derek an interesting and unusual author.

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How refreshing and a joy it is to read “My Lovable Rescued Kitties”   Delightful presentation that makes this book a good gift for children and adults.  – Rossie Taylor, aged 81

I read your cats MS again and found it entertaining. – Robert Stern, aged 91

My Lovable Rescued Kitties, is an adorable, sweet book for all ages 1 to 100. If you love cats as I do, you will enjoy reading this book! I loved seeing the real-life pictures of the author with his lovable kitties and, the cute cartoon illustrations. – Linda Guiney, aged 54

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