• Derek Partridge


Town & Country Poems

Poems and short stories about love and nature, illustrated with oil paintings, water-colors, and etchings by Louise Partridge, an exhibited artist (Derek Partridge’s mother), shown on the cover.

Sample Story


     I am sitting on a rock on the edge of the Mesa. Far below me in the valley, a team of horses is dragging its load lazily along the winding road. The verdant fields glow in the brightening sunshine – patches of rich green velvet, broken here and there by the darkness of the pine trees. In some places, I can see the silvery brook playing hide-and-seek amidst the clumps of cotton wood. Further down the valley, a greyish smoke is circling upward from one of the cabins. The sky is a dazzling azure – clouds of brilliant whiteness are sharply outlined against the piercing blue. Above, the sun shines down in all its splendor. A hawk has just flown by, hunting for its prey. There is a sudden scurrying, and I turn in time to see a tiny chipmunk hurry away across the ground to hide beneath the cool shadows of a low grey rock. The air is filled with the faint aroma of sagebrush and pine. As I gaze across the canyon, a sheer wall of rock and earth confronts me. Its bigness almost terrifies me. I am alone in this world, and, as never before, I feel my smallness. I am an atom in this immensity. The awful immobility of the earth frightens me – a strange numbness creeps over my senses. And suddenly I am caught for an instant into eternity, nothing matters. All is quiet.

New Mexico, August 1925

Sample Poems  Page 26 & 27


From this world of bitter strife
I come to you to find a moment of peace,
For in your arms there is for me
A rare quietude,
A tranquility of spirit
That transcends all.
I feel no longer the sweeping
powers of the universe
Crowding, pressing in upon me.
With you close to me,
There comes a final merging of our beings,
An interfusing stream of understanding,
When cosmic forces fade into oblivion,
And nothing matters
But that one moment of perfect peace.
-July 1934-


The trees are massed with blossoms,
And grasses shine with dew.
The air is filled with joyous songs
Because I am with you.
The fields are sweet with clover,
The sea’s a wondrous hue,
And there’s contentment everywhere
Because I am with you.
The leaves are gold and scarlet,
The sky an azure blue,
And in the world there’s happiness
Because I am with you.
The leaves are brown and withered,
The sky no longer blue,
And there is sadness in my heart
Because I’m not with you.
-November 1930-


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